Below are some useful Videos, theses are only for information purposes. I have selected theses videos if you are looking for wanting to find more about Dyslexia/ Dyscaculia.

Dyscalculia – Numberphile

An expert on on cognitive neuropsychology speaks to us about his research on the seldom-discussed "dyslexia for numbers". Professor Brian Butterworth is based at University College London.

Teachers TV: Dyscalculia

A Short Video by Teachers TV Explaining what Dyscaculia is

Dyscalculia: Tips & Tricks to Help Students

Dyscalculia is an uncommonly known learning disorder that affects up to 7% of the population. This video will help teachers adjust their classrooms to be more accommodating towards students who experience dyscalculia.

An Adult With Dyscalculia

An adult with dyscalculia: The difficulties it brings to life.

Introduction to working with children with dyscalculia.

Teaching children with dyscalculia how to link and manipulate written numbers with numerical value.

Dyscalculia: An online PD for teachers.

Dyscalculia - the mathematic equivalent to dyslexia. This was originally created as an assignment for university, and includes an overview of developmental dyscalculia, as well as some characteristics and teaching strategies to promote inclusion of dyscalculic students.

My Life with Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is the learning disability associated with inability to comprehend numbers or use them in a working mathematical problem, as is the numbers were the letters in words of a foreign language. Signs of Dyscalculia: Incomplete mastery of basic facts Reversal of numbers Confusion of operational symbols Copying problems incorrectly from one line to another Difficulty recalling the sequence of operational concepts Difficulty comprehending word problems Difficulty understanding key concepts and applications to aid problem solving Effects on life: Frustration Loss of self-esteem (a big one foe me) Refection Learning helplessness Inability to accept success Attribution to others Loss of Motivation Feeling guilty Feeling ashamed Feeling inadequate

What Is Dyscalculia

Dr. Daniel Ansari from the Numerical Cognition Laboratory at Western University (London, ON) discusses developmental dyscalculia.

Is Dyscalculia Real?

A brief overview of Dyscalculia and its basis in the brain.

Neurobiology of Learning Disorders – Dyslexia ADHD Dyscalculia Dysgraphia

Dyslexia, ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia Latest Brain Research with Dr Fernette Eide Neurobiology of Learning Disorders - Dyslexia, ADD / ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Gifted & Creativity Research too - Invited Symposium with Dr. Fernette Eide at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in San Francisco. This lecture includes latest research in the field of learning disabilities and differences, including functional brain imaging, clinical research, and observations in the clinic. Other topics include: the overlaps between dyslexia and ADD, the effects of high IQ on dyslexia and ADD and normal brain development, and research support talents in divergent thinking and spatial problem solving among dyslexic individuals.

Dyscalculia Signs & Research by

See the signs of math learning disability in student behavior and work. Learn of global Dyscalculia research at top institutions. Evidence of dyscalculia: poor and inconsistent memory of math facts and procedures; directional confusion; mix-ups of numbers, signs, operations, procedures when reading, writing, thinking, and speaking; inability to count or calculate mentally; dependence on fingers, tally marks, objects and images to count, calculate, and reason; insufficient working memory; easily overwhelmed by math tasks.


Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & Dysgraphia: An Integrated Approach

These struggles are real... and it's up to us as educators and therapists to learn and integrate powerful brain based therapies in our practices to help children struggling with dyslexia, dyscalculia & dysgraphia overcome these challenging obstacles. Join us for our new online course, and get the toolbox full of effective, powerful and cost friendly brain-based therapies for helping students with learning disabilities.

Tutorial: Dynamo Profiler Dyscalculia Assessment Introduction

A tutorial that gives you an overview of how Dynamo Profiler can be used to detect developmental dyscalculia. Dynamo Profiler is the assessment component of the Dynamo Maths Intervention Program. This on-line , adaptive assessment uses the NumberSenseMMRâ„¢ framework and a Graduated Approach that meets the SEND Code Of practice recommendations. No child's success is limited!

What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia: Anxiety, Neuropsychology & Mind Sets

Dr. Daniel Ansari from the Numerical Cognition Laboratory at Western University (London, ON) discusses developmental dyscalculia.

Dyscalculia | In adults

Dyscalculia in adults. For this video im going to explain what it is and how it effects me + others as adults. Many videos explain it for children.. so if you are an adult that has it/thinks you may have it etc.. then hopefully this video helps.

What Is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia refers to a wide range of lifelong learning disabilities involving math. Listen to Dr. Horowitz talk about dyscalculia and the different elements of dyscalculia.

Dyscalculia — A Parent’s Guide

Dyscalculia specialist Ronit Bird talks about the difficulties some children have in developing number sense and learning basic arithmetic. She explains some of the common symptoms and indicators for dyscalculia and offers suggstions for how parents can help their children at home.

Dyscalculia Symptoms

Jane Emerson describes the dyscalculia symptoms and the effects of dyscalculia. She explains the way in which children struggle to gain any sense of number and therefore those with dyscalculia symptoms find even basic maths difficult.

What is Dyscalculia? Dyslexic Advantage in One Minute

Dyscalculia in One Minute! For more information about dyscalculia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia, visit Dyslexic Advantage Blog:

Understanding Dyscalculia at Western

By studying how children process numbers using some of the most powerful brain scanning technology in Canada, the University of Western Ontario's Prof. Daniel Ansari is promoting exploration and innovation through research.

Dyscalculia: A Documentary

Documentary about Dyscalculia

Discovering Dyscalculia

An expert panel discusses the math learning disability called dyscalculia, which affects five percent of children, making it as common as dyslexia.


I have Dyscalculia, but i'm not gonna start droning on about it. the info on it is in the vid ^^ If anyone else out there also has it or thinks htey may have it, please do let me know... i'd love to talk about it with ya.

Dyscalculia – Publicity Video

We are a non-profit group dedicated to creating awareness about a certain Mathematical disability called Dyscalculia. We are from an Institute in Singapore called Hwa Chong Institution. Our group consits of 3 people, Moses, Zhi Xiang and Samuel. Since this disability is quite unknown in Singapore, we decided to create this video to tell the public in a nutshell what Dyscalculia is.

This video was created in stop motion. The music is from Jewelbeat, "Easy Days"

If you want to know more about us, please visit our website:

If you believe your child is suffering from dyscalculia, please take this simple and interactive quiz:

Dyslexia | Dyslexic Advantage – Dyscalculia, Math, Gifted with Dr. Liz Smith

Dr. Elizabeth Smith talks about dyscalculia, a math learning disability, that affects almost half of students with dyslexia. She goes into the definition of dyscalculia, teaching and common math mistakes. Help us caption & translate this video!

Show me the way – a guide for adults with dyslexia and dyscalculia

How to help adults with writing, reading or calculating problems

What it’s like to be dyscalculate: living with dyscalculia

Video on being dyscalculate and the symptoms

Examples of Math Dyscalculia

An expert panel discusses the math learning disability called dyscalculia, which affects five percent of children, making it as common as dyslexia.


Short video for Dr. Bill Griesar's Advanced Neurophysiological Psychology Class.


See what math learning disability looks like in student behavior and work. Learn about global Dyscalculia research at 40 institutions.